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Game 4: 4th Quarter

Heat 83/Mavs 86


No matter who you wanted to see win this series, you had to enjoy the finish of Game 4. This is why hoop fans are hoop fans.

Once again the Mavs found themselves down big  in the 4th quarter when the Heat extended the lead to 9 points with 10:11 remaining in the game. In Game 2, it was Dirk leading the rally, but in Game 4 it was the Jet as he cut the lead to 5 with back to back buckets..

But as the lead began to shrink, it appeared DWade would take over again and take his team into Game 5 with a 3-1 lead after he had two incredible blocks at the rim; one on the 7 foot Chandler with 7:33 left in the game.

But with 5:13 remaining, the Mavs took the lead on a Jet layup and never looked back. Chandler had huge rebounds, offensive and defensive, down the stretch. And of course, Dirk again sealed the deal with a layup with 14.4 seconds left in the game that put the Mavs up by 3 and effectively ended the game.

The big question: Where the hell was LeBron James as his team begged for a big shot? His fans can defend him all they want, but the best player in the history of the game according to one Scottie Pippen finished the game with 8 points on 3-11 shooting. My math aint great, but my handy iPhone calculator says that’s 27.3%. Scottie Pippen is someplace with a fork full of his own words, and MJ is probably someplace laughing while smoking a cigar.

Last week I called James the best player in the NBA, so now I have my plate of words in the microwave – I have some eating to do too – what a joke.



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